Ideal candidates

Since 2006 we have been recruiting employees for companies in Poland and abroad. Thanks to our experience, constant cooperation with the largest electronic and traditional media, career offices and our own database, we are able to reach the best candidates quickly and effectively. Our specialists check their qualifications perfectly and expertly. We carry out orders both for mass recruitments carried out within the framework of permanent cooperation and for single positions requiring specific, strictly defined qualifications. Trust us!

Entrust us with this mission. We:

  • the recruitment process consists of three stages and takes approximately 4-6 weeks
  • analyse the market by position and company profile
  • select communication channels to reach as many potential candidates as possible
  • check references
  • conduct interviews
  • verify experience, conduct aptitude tests
  • arrange client-candidate meetings
  • you will have qualified and motivated staff
  • you will avoid a tedious recruitment process
  • you will save a lot of time
  • you will receive a guarantee - from 1 to 6 months (depending on the position)

Why us?

  • Experience

    We have been co-creating the labour market in Poland since 2006, our team consists of 200 specialists who guarantee service at the highest level.

  • A personalised approach

    We analyse the needs of each customer individually. We tailor solutions for large companies as well as for medium and small enterprises.

  • Ethics

    In our activities, we apply the principles of the Code of Ethics. We act in accordance with applicable laws in Poland and the European Union.

  • Knowledge

    We know the labour market very well and have a huge employee base that is growing daily.

  • Quality

    We are QSBP quality certified in care and compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017.

  • Range

    We provide services throughout Poland and abroad. We have a dozen recruitment centres across Poland.

We were trusted by

InterKadra Sp. z o.o. , ul. Wadowicka 6, 30-415 Kraków, NIP: 6762336026


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